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Caption Competition 4

We know you've all been waiting for another caption competition! Today's contender comes from a manuscript made in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem at the end of the 13th century. It contains the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César, an incredib

Add MS 39636 f. 10r

Of Captions, Clerics, and Queens: Tweeting the Medieval Illuminated Manuscript

And now for something a bit different: a guest post from one of our most faithful Twitter correspondents, Robert Miller (many thanks, Robert!). From LOLcats to the seductive Hey-Girl-I-Like-the-Library-Too musings of Ryan Gosling, the inte

Harley ms 3244, f. 41v

Another Year, Another Caption Competition

It may be a new year, but some things never change. We're delighted to offer you yet another opportunity to provide a daft/inspired/wacky (delete as appropriate) caption to the following image from one of the British Library's medieval manu


It's Caption Competition Time!

There are many ideal ways to spend a sunny summer weekend. One is to visit the beach, another to watch the cricket at Lord's or the Wimbledon tennis (quaint British customs), a third is to set fire to the garden with your annual barbecue. B

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Superheroes, True Romance, Blood and Gore

The British Library’s amazing new exhibition, Comics Unmasked, was opened last week by TV presenter and comics fan Jonathan Ross. Talking about the oldest item on show, an early printed version of the Bible with graphic images, Jonathan com


The British Library's Greek Manuscripts Project

Have you ever wondered what books looked like in antiquity? Perhaps you have pondered why some manuscripts are written on paper and some on parchment? Did you know that the ancient Greeks thought up machines and robots powered by steam? The

Comment by Erik Kwakkel (@erik_kwakkel) on “It's Caption Time!”

Caption 1: "Let me get this right, you're saying the fish that bit your finger was this big?" Capti

Comment by kathy lawler on “It's Caption Time!”

caption one- Harry Callahan: I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well
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Don’t Lose Your Head: It’s Just St. John the Baptist’s Day!

Throughout the year there are two feast days commemorating John the Baptist. On June 24th, his nativity is celebrated; he and the Virgin Mary are the only saints whose birthdays are commemorated. The second feast day, August 29th, concern


The Psychomachia: An Early Medieval Comic Book

What do Captain America, Wonder Woman and a 10th-century Anglo-Saxon manuscript have in common? The answer may be more surprising than you think. The Psychomachia, or ‘War of the Soul’, was composed by the Late Antique poet Prudentius in th