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20 February 2018

Why would I need a book for my business?

 Books mean business

You may not have included writing a book in your business or marketing strategy. Why should a café, an accountant, an accessories maker, a toy company or a software designer, to name but a few, have a book?


In 2016, as Writer in Residence at the British Library’s Business & IP Centre, I put on a series of workshops and the most popular by far was Books Mean Business, where I showed the many uses of a book in helping a business be more successful, how to get started and what was important to include. It completely sold out and we had to run it again a few months later just to accommodate those who hadn’t been able to attend the first session.

If you’re a business, writing a book can help you with:

  • Getting your brand better known
  • Engaging with your customers to turn them into your fans
  • Having something to share on social and traditional media
  • Bringing you a new source of income (as well as the obvious royalties!)
  • As a specialist in a particular field, consultant or professional mentor, having a book to your name will help you be seen as an expert and make more clients want to work with you

Writing a book may seem a daunting process but it can be easier than you think and with Print-on-Demand technology at your fingertips, your book can be professionally produced and selling on Amazon and other retailers a lot quicker than you think!

In March this year I am running the workshop again. We’ll go through why writing a book makes good business sense, cover the main elements to include in a successful book and get you started on your own book. We have examples from lots of industries to get your brain racing. We will ensure you focus on what makes a book look and feel professional as well as being appropriate to your individual target audience and marketing needs.

You’ll take away an action plan, lots of useful ideas and contacts (such as book cover designers) to help your book be a success. You’ll also get a free eBook sent to you afterwards, The Storytelling Entrepreneur, which I wrote during my residency at the British Library and which focuses on how you can tell your business story to engage with your stakeholders.  



Don't miss Melissa's inspiring workshop, join us for Books mean business on Tuesday, 20 March. See you there!

*Melissa Addey spent fifteen years developing new products at Sainsbury’s Head Office and then went on to mentor over 500 entrepreneurs as part of a government grants programme. Now a fulltime author, studying for a PhD in Creative Writing, she has written six books including fiction and non-fiction.