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12 August 2017

Guess the song 2

After last week's fantastic effort from our readers, the Guess the Song Competition™ is back! The rules are simple: can you guess the song from the medieval manuscript images below?

So how does it work? These manuscript illuminations make up the lyrics to a classic song. If you're in the mood, try to guess the artist and song title. We'd love you to send us your answers via Twitter (did we ever mention we're on Twitter?) or using the comments page below this post. We’ll endeavour to retweet and publish the best answers, especially the ones that most amuse us.

Update (21 August): the answer is given below, but don't cheat!

Image 1_sloane_ms_981_f068r

Image 1, from a medical miscellany, last quarter of the 14th or first quarter of the 15th century, Sloane MS 981, f. 68r


Image 2_add_ms_47682_f033v

Image 2, from the Holkham Bible Picture Book, c. 1327–1335, Add MS 47682, f. 33v


Image 3_royal_ms_12_c_xix_f045r

Image 3, from a bestiary with theological tracts, c. 1200–c. 1210, Royal MS 12 C XIX, f. 45r


Add MS 42130 f. 160r detail

Image 4, from the Luttrell Psalter, 1325–1340, Add MS 42130, f. 160r


Image 4_sloane_ms_4016_f096r

Image 5, from a herbal, c. 1440, Sloane MS 4016, f. 96r



1. Eye  2. Shroud  3.  Bee  4. Slow  5. Lucky  = 'I Should Be So Lucky' by Kylie Minogue (corny, we know!


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