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17 November 2009

Nixon, China and the Foreign Broadcast Information Service

President Obama's visit to China has led to many news reports recalling Nixon's visit to China in February 1972.  This reminded me of a recently acquired resource, available via JISC at many university libraries but also in the British Library's reading rooms: the digital collection of Foreign Broadcast Information Service(FBIS) Daily Reports (1975-1996).  (There's a helpful blog post about it at the Vere Harmsworth blog at Oxford.)

FBIS is a vast collection of intelligence gathered by the US, usually derived from local newspapers, government reports or transcribed radio broadcasts.   A quick search of 'Nixon', 'China' brings up a wealth of documents, including a special report detailing Kissinger's preparatory visit.  A great resource for any student of recent politics, international relations - or journalists.



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