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17 March 2010

American Studies Blogs [Updated]

One of the things that we hope this blog does is act as a sign post to interesting things, whether they are in the British Library or elsewhere.  So, without further ado, here's the start of a list of American Studies blogs that you may find interesting (in no particular order at the moment).  We'll also create an RSS bundle as well (watch this space).

1. Fordham American Studies Blog

This includes some interesting posts by undergraduates, as well as staff and grad students.  Of note is the posting on 'Preserving American Journalism' by Amanda Fiscina (8 Feb 2010).  And, as is perhaps appropriate for a Jesuit college, the entries with the most comments seem to relate to religious matters.  [And we're pleased to note that our listing has been noticed! 14/4/10].

2. African American Studies at Beinecke Library

A rich resource, going back seven years.

3. [added 18/2/10]

The National Security Archive, based at George Washington University, collects and publishes declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. This is their lively blog, which Jerry discussed here in February 2010.

4. Americas Al Jazeera Blog [added 13/4/10]

A picture, some editorial and, usually, several comments on events from across the Americas.

5. Unframed (LACMA) [added 20/5/10]

Not so much American Studies, but one of the best museum blogs around.  Have a look at their new 'all-collections' landing page post.



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