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06 April 2010

Team America on the road

April is conference season for Team America. Phil is on his way to Cambridge for the British Association for Canadian Studies annual conference; Matthew and I will be heading to Norwich and the University of East Anglia on Thursday for the British Association of American Studies conference, and on Friday, Aquiles will be off to Bristol for the Society for Latin American Studies conference. For some reason, the Society for Caribbean Studies has its conference in July – but that’s just as well or we probably wouldn’t be able to fit it in. So, it’s a busy time, but apart from enjoying seeing old friends (and making new ones), the conferences are a great opportunity for us to do what we all love doing – telling people about our collections and pointing them in the direction of material that they might not have thought about. The range of papers on offer also provide us with a good pointer on trends in research, always invaluable when we have to anticipate what materials people might want, both now and in the future. Matthew and I are also looking forward to celebrating the official opening of the Thomas Paine Study Centre at UEA. And as usual, our Eccles Centre for American Studies will be sponsoring a lecture at both BACS and BAAS. Tomorrow, Dr Danielle Fuller will be delivering “Citizen Reader: Canadian literature, mass reading events and the promise of belonging” at BACS, and on Saturday 10th at BAAS, Professor David Reynolds will speak on “America, Empire of Liberty: the challenges of ‘popular’ history.”



DH here again, just to say that I'm glad that the American Colls. are still out there, representing the Library to the world of area studies! I quite missed the BACS conference this year, although I'm sure PH dazzled them all with his wit and intelligence!

BTW: I just wanted to let you know that I had a pleasant surprise thumbing through the acknowledgements in Dan Snow's new book ( the other day--although he thanked me personally for some suggested images (many of which were used on the Quebec 400th website), I remember it being more of a team effort. So, well done to all!

In the meantime, all best to friends and colleagues, and special good luck to Aquiles for the exhibition. (Do keep me in mind for the opening!),


Like the Dude, we're still out there...

Speaking of acknowledgements, this bears a viewing:

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