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16 April 2010

Volcanic Ash and "Cruise Control"

We Londoners are enjoying quiet skies at the moment, as the Continent (and the rest of the world, except for a few spots that can be reached from Glasgow) are cut off in Iceland's Vulcanian revenge on the UK.  This will no doubt cause some problems for scholars, librarians, and curators coming to London, or heading, say, to New York.  However, there is a silver lining, and that may be the ocean liner.

A recent column in the New Yorker by Ben McGrath ('Here to There Dept.: Cruise Control', 22 March 2010) carried a short interview with Bill Miller, the curator of the South Street Seaport Museum (and one of the world's great authorities on ocean-going liners).  Miller has written seventy-five books on the subject; McGrath notes: ' Transatlantic passengers tend more towards the bookish and scholarly... while tropical passengers prefer bingo.'

However you travel, bon voyage from Team Americas.



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