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08 June 2010

Oil Spills and Tag Clouds


Google Books does some interesting things, and the cloud of 'common terms' is often one of them, as this rather saddening image attests.  I happened to be looking up some resources on oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.  Environmental effects of offshore oil production: the buccaneer gas and oil field study (New York: Plenum Press, 1981) looked promising. Google Books has just a snippet view; it's held by the Library's Document Supply service at v14 5378.132000 if you want the whole thing.

Elsewhere, an electronic resource looks useful: French, Christopher D. Map showing geology, oil and gas fields, and geologic provinces of the Gulf of Mexico region (Denver, Co.: U.S. Geological Survey, 2005), and this may offer helpful lessons: Long-term assessment of the oil spill at Bahía Las Minas, Panama : synthesis report ( 1993, New Orleans, La.: U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region). 

The wider political and economic context is investigated by Juan Carlos Boué, A question of rigs, of rules, or of rigging the rules?: upstream profits and taxes in US Gulf offshore oil and gas (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006)




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