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25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Queen anne 

I was a little early at St Paul's this morning, where the annual Thanksgiving Service for the American community in London takes place, so I said hello to Richard Belt's Victorian replica of Francis Bird's 1712 sculpture of Queen Anne while we drank our coffee (it was a very cold morning). 

At the base are four marble figures depicting the notional dominions of France, Britannia, Ireland and, shown here, America, with her foot resting on a severed male head and what an eighteenth-century guidebook called an 'alligator creeeping'*.  In 1813, the Gentleman's Magazine speculated that the head was supposed to be that of Oliver Cromwell.  Happy Thanksgiving.




As this is the Americas blog, don't forget Canadian Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October!

Indeed. We missed it this year, but I'm sure that our Canadian curator will post on le Jour de l'Action de grâce in Oct 2011! Perhaps we should have mentioned it here, too:

Phil adds:

You’re quite right, I shouldn’t forget. Thank you for the reminder that I took my eye off the ball! Fortunately I managed not to forget Canada’s ‘birthday’ this year, which is an achievement as I am terrible with birthdays…


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