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21 January 2011

Civil War Project, Charlottesville and Stonewall Jackson's Birthday

Stonewall jackson  I spent some of this morning in a meeting, getting approval for a digital project that will digitise some of our collections in time for the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Civil War (followed by an interesting discovery related to this in the music collections.  More anon). 

It's also Stonewall Jackson's birthday.  We'll also, of course, be following the Union side of things; but the British did start off supporting the South.  Here's a brief recording, made in Charlottesville, in front of a commemorative statue - a stunning example of early c20th memorial work by Charles Keck, even if you don't have much truck with the general himself.  [n.b., for 'brass', read 'bronze'; it's also the second in a series of recordings.]




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