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12 January 2011

Cliopatria Blog Awards: and the winner goes to... [updated]

Back from Boston, and the behemoth that is the American Historical Association meeting - a chance to take the pulse of the historical profession, visit a dozen or more publishers in the exhibition hall, as well as to catch up with former Eccles Fellows and present a paper on Growing Knowledge: the evolution of research.  Expect a few posts on this theme over the next few days.

The AHA was also the venue for the announcement of the 'Cliopatria Awards' (link to 2010 awards), as judged by the History New Network.  I'm familiar with Georgian London, Best Individual Blog and Best New Blog in 2009 ('It's a really nice blog that balances popular history and some decent research. The posts are uniformly good, and the blogger, Lucy Inglis, uses images that enhance and frame the posts', said the judges), as well as the NY Time's brilliant Disunion.  I look forward to investigating the other winners (the best blog post title, by the way, must go to 'What Would Natalie Zemon Davies Do?').

 Update (19/1/11): 2011 winners announced here: (and text altered above)



Lucy Inglis actually won last year (awards were given in Jan 2010 for blogging during 2009).
This year's winners are here:

Thanks Katrina. I shouldn't blog while jetlagged...

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