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28 March 2011

Last week of Evolving English



Guerrila: the free newspaper of the streets [cup.653.a.20]

I popped into the Library on Sunday for a last proper look at the Evolving English exhibition (which closes at the end of the week).  As well as Beowulf, the King James Bible, and Viz, there are also a selection of US items.  I've mentioned the Milk and Honey Route before, but there's also a Strunk and White, and, strikingly, Guerilla: the free newspaper of the streets (there are others, if you want to make a game of it).  I was particularly pleased to see the latter, as it was one of the first things that I acquired for our collections when I moved to this post. Not so much a call for evolution, as revolution, there's a bit more about this radical publication on the learning team's site, 'Dreamers and Dissenters'.

You can also 'Map your Voice' on the website.  I think that they are still after American voices.



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