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13 October 2009

About this blog and the Americas Collections

This blog is written by the Americas and Oceania Collections curatorial team at the British Library, with guest contributions from students, academics, writers, and our colleagues at the Eccles Centre for American studies.  It records some of the work we do, as well as events and collections related to the Americas and Oceania.  Please feel free to comment on the posts and join the debate.  You can also follow us on Twitter @BL_Americas 

  • Mercedes Aguirre, Lead Curator, Americas Collections
  • Iris Bachmann, Curator, Latin American Published Collections
  • Rachael Culley, Curator, North American Published Collections
  • Francisca Fuentes-Rettig, Curator, North American Published Collections
  • Nicole-Rachelle Moore, Curator, Caribbean Collections
  • Annalisa Ricciardi Cataloguer, Americas Collections
  • Lucy Rowland, Curator, Oceania and English-language Asian Collections
  • Janet Zmroczek is Head of European & Americas Collections

Find out more about our research interests in the British Library's Research Register

We are based at the Library's St Pancras site, London. We work alongside our colleagues in the Eccles Centre for American Studies, which promotes the Library's North American materials and supports American Studies in schools and universities. We would be very happy to visit your department, or speak to your postgraduates about the Library's American, Oceanian and English-language Asian resources.

You can read more about the Library's American Collections on the 'Help for Researchers' section of the main website or by searching the catalogue, 'Explore the British Library'. Our catalogues also appear on Manuscript materials can be located in the Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue.

The team has produced several online features, and exhibitions include: Benjamin Franklin: American Innovator (2006), American Treasures (2007) and Latin American Revolutions (2010). The Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library also has several online exhibitions.

We have also posted a large .pdf file of J.D. Egles, Beats Bibliography (printed) (.pdf 4.5 MB) and the Beats audio visual holdings (.pdf). Further guides and bibliographies, including links to the Eccles Centre for American Studies bibliographies can be found on our Guides and Bibliographies page.

All text is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License, except where otherwise stated.

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