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03 January 2014

A year of blogging on Asian and African Studies

Our Asian and African Studies Blog is one year old! What started as an add-on to our 2012 exhibition ‘Mughal India: Art, Culture and Empire’ soon grew into a full scale departmental blog. During the past year we have written 108 posts and thanks to you, our readers, have had more than 92,000 visitors!

BrothersThe English ship Brothers and members of its crew depicted by a Japanese artist in 1818, from ‘Japan400 – Hirado and the British in Japan’
Or.14755  Images online 

Extending beyond ‘Mughal India’ our posts have covered: Art, Digitisation, Exhibitions, Islam, Zoroastrianism and other subjects, together with geographical areas, which can be accessed by clicking on the links in the dedicated ‘Tags’ box. A search window at the top of the page also allows readers to collect posts on other subjects. For example ‘Persian’ brings up all the blogs on Persian manuscripts and similarly ‘Acquisitions’ brings up recently acquired collection items.

During the last week we’ve been tweeting our ten most popular blogs, but anyone who would like a complete record with links to the individual posts can download a list by following this link: BLAsia and Africa Blogs-2013.

Your comments over the past year have been really encouraging. Please continue to contact us, either in the comments box or by email to any of the editors:

Annabel Teh Gallop, South-East Asia:
Malini Roy, Visual Arts:
Ursula Sims-Williams, Persian:


The BL has some unique copies of 19th century Bengali periodicals. Some of them feature nice mastheads and advertisements, of course, in addition to being rich in textual content. Maybe you can blog about these unique copies some time.

Congratulations to you all! Your blogs have been very informative and BEAUTIFUL to look at over the last year. It is a great pleasure to be able to SEE at close quarters all the art work you are talking about. My only surprise is that despite all the viewers there have been so few comments.

Re Bengali periodicals. Yes indeed I hope so too. I'll see what I can do!

Thanks so much for all your blogging work - and so the interest and fun that we readers have! Even if they're on a topic I know nothing about, they're fascinating! Thankyou! Thankyou!
I do hope you will keep them coming?

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