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29 November 2013

Innovating for Growth success story - Socially Bright

With mobile and apps growing all the time, we’re seeing a lot more of these types of businesses using the Centre and applying for our Innovating for Growth programme.

So we asked Socially Bright to share their experiences on growing their company with the advice and help they received at the Centre.


“Socially Bright help agencies and brands to create apps that are beautifully designed and deliver impressive results. We are a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer but are also familiar with all network APIs such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Everything is built on our platform, Bandstand, which contains a suite of tools for managing app content and facilitates rapid production and deployment.

Our journey with the British Library Innovating for Growth programme began when our Technical Director saw an advert.  Having already had the idea of creating a new software platform ‘Bandstand’ for our clients, we hoped that being part of the programme would kick-start the development process and that the expert business advice we received would double our efforts and help us focus on the long term growth strategy of the business. 

We were thrilled to be accepted onto the programme and received a number of one-to-one tutorials from industry experts ranging from product development to finance and intellectual property. 

There was also the opportunity to attend some really interesting talks outside of the scheduled programme sessions such as Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Marketing Maestros, where speakers including Jo Fairley, founder of Green & Black’s and Will King, founder of King of Shaves shared their experiences and innovative strategies.

Having recently completed the programme, we are now working on implementing a number of recommendations received from the programme with a view to making Bandstand the most robust and intuitive platform it can be. 

Alongside this, we are also working on the transition to a license model for the platform thereby giving us the increased security and predictability of a fixed income that will allow us to budget more effectively in the future. 

Most recently, we’re very proud to announce that the ‘Cif the Web’ app we developed for our client DLKW Lowe picked up the gold award at the Campaign Big Awards.

Socially Brighr5
The Campaign Big Awards aim to champion and celebrate the very best work, in any and all media, in one place on one night. They bring together the brightest agencies and the smartest clients from across the advertising spectrum to applaud and reward brilliant British advertising. The Big Awards are now recognised as one of the UK’s most important barometers of creative advertising in the UK.

We’re looking forward to using the Business & IP Centre a lot more as our business develops and grows."

If you’re an ambitious London-based business looking to grow, apply for Innovating for Growth now for the chance to get tailored support and advice to get your business to the next level.

Socially Bright on behalf of Business & IP Centre


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