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21 March 2014

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management - book review

Complete-Idiots-Guide-Project-ManagementThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management is available in the Small Business Help section of the Business & IP Centre. It breaks down every aspect of project management in clear communications without being patronising to a reader.

From understanding the terminology associated with project management to recognising what is everyday work and what constitutes as project work, the book steadily guides a reader into ‘the big stuff’ – risk management, delegation, budgeting, implementing and maintaining processes and the importance of having a Plan B (and C and D) until Delivery. It also emphasises the importance of communication within a project team and just who might be on that team.

Its “Twelve Rules of Project Management” are points which will make anyone with some project management experience nod along to enthusiastically in agreement and great words to the wise for new Project Managers embarking on an adventure in organisational skills for the first time.

This is not only a book which can appeal to employees assigned project work but start-ups as well. Creating your own business is a huge project which founders, consciously or not, are managing from the moment they decide to take the leap into self-employment. The skills explored and developed through reading A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management are invaluable for not only starting up but for growth and continuous improvement in the future.

As well as being incredibly informative and practical, the book also has a dash of humour to it which makes taking in all the information – either for the first time or as a refresher –  is made easier and more memorable. Words of wisdom and quotes from seasoned project managers and inspirational figures offer support and insight; example diagrams and tables can show you exactly how to create a layout for that all-important project documentation and detailed analysis on every aspect of project management will have a reader feeling more confident, more in control and ready to take on challenges.

Nadia Kuftinoff on behalf of Business & IP Centre
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