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02 September 2015

Tips for getting back to business

In this article Business & IP Centre partner life/business coach Rasheed Ogunlaru author of Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into Business shares top tips on moving yourself and your business ahead from now to December and beyond. 


The summer holidays are over, autumn is arriving and it’s back to school, work and crucially it’s time to get back to business for you if you’re an aspiring or established entrepreneur. This new season is synonymous with harvesting, studying, producing and thanks giving. In business terms it’s arguably the most important quarter of the year: it’s one of the longest stretches without bank holidays; it’s the phase up to and including Christmas - where a huge percentage of business deals and sales are made. It’s that last opportunity to achieve your year’s goals. So let’s get back to business in 3 steps:

Get Ready

  • Are you ready? Have you had time out – and have you been able to wind down? Or do you need to take a few days of rest so that you’re really relaxed and re-energised and can give 100%? If need be take time to catch up on sleep, have the right things to eat and feel re-energised and ready to start back and press ahead.
  • Ready for business:  Clear your desk; sort your filing systems; sort and order any stock; clear your emails; organise your computer files and clear your desktops screen. Make sure that everything is organised, systemised and simplified to save you time. This will clear your head, clear your desk, focus your mind and help you be more productive and efficient. 


Get Set

  • Set your sights: What's your vision, mission and purpose?  What precisely do you want to achieve from your business, and why? As with any journey you need to know where you’re going, for what purpose and how you’re going to get there. Revisit your strategy or write one. It need not be long 2 pages will do it. If you’d like one there’s a 2-page business plan template in Soul Trader – and you can get if for free on in the free membership area.
  • Set your goals: Your strategy should include SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Assigned/agreed, Realistic and Timed / time related).  Tip: Have goals for1) three years, 2) next year and 3) the rest of this year. Start with the long-term and work back. Have clear goals for what you want / need to achieve including a) finances b) marketing / promotion and c) management / operations.

    Tip: Make your goals for Sept- Dec very specific and focused. I recommend limiting it to the 2-3     things that will the biggest positive impact on your business.

  • Set your timetable: How are you going to manage your time? How will you stay focused day to day? It may help to divide your days and weeks between key marketing, operations / management and finance-related tasks. What time of the day / week are you best to tackle these tasks. Schedule them in to your physical or online diary. If you don’t have a diary or some sort of a planner, then get one.
  • Set time aside:

1)      To review and fine-tune your goals, progress, opportunities, challenges and priorities – 10 minutes a week is a good start.

2)      For you, loved ones, pastimes and rest time. Life shouldn’t be all about work and there will be risks to your health, relationships and productivity if you don’t take the time out you need. 



Now that you’re ready and set, it’s time to go for it.

  • Give 100%: From serving a customer to giving a pitch presentation. Be engaging, empowering, enabling, informed, interesting and interested. 
  • Go out more / be outgoing: Don’t be shy; network in person and online. Ensure that you build a strong presence and clear messages personally, online, via social media and with contacts and clients.
  • Go for it: Be personable, professional and proactive. Look for and spot opportunities – develop a dialogue with and listen to customers, contacts and potential collaborators.


Rasheed Ogunlaru is a leading life coach, motivational speaker and business coach. He is author of Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into Your Business. Check out Rasheed’s “Networking for Success” event at the British Library Business & IP Centre


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