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11 November 2015

Top tips for social entrepreneurs from OHYO’s MD Guy Jeremiah

Since Ohyo began trading in 2010, Guy Jeremiah has been through all the snakes and ladders of running a commercial enterprise with a green mission. Having sold 700,000 UK-made Ohyo Collapsabottles across all continents, with clients including Marks & Spencer, Guy has experienced the highs and the lows of running a business.

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week on 17 November Guy will be sharing his knowledge of running a social enterprise at the Business & IP Centre; in the meantime here are some of his tips for getting started. 

Guy Jeremiah

Get to grips with intellectual property

Pay particular attention to developing an intellectual property strategy. Is a patent relevant for you? Perhaps design registration, trademark and branding is more pertinent to your plan? The British Library Business & IP Centre has been a tower of strength to me in these areas.

Stay on top of your finances

On a day-to-day basis I seem to have one eye on Twitter, and the other eye firmly on the cash-flow. Financial management is at the heart of any business; whether you use SAGE or Excel, it’s essential that you know when the cash could run out and how to react accordingly.

Get the most out of cloud-based apps

I set up my first business, an Environmental Consultancy, in 1999 when you needed a server, a big printer for mass mail-outs and fax machines. The internet and cloud-based applications have transformed the arena for small businesses to get set up quickly and cheaply.

Start crowd-funding

Drawing on my own experiences of launching the Ohyo Bag with Felix Conran, consider how crowd-funding can get your new product off to a flying start.


Become a marketing whizz

Marketing your products and services is a tough process and you should take all the advice you can get. Balancing PR, advertising and social media on a meagre budget is a skill all entrepreneurs need to learn quickly.


Find out more about how to become an entrepreneur with a social and ethical conscious at Social Entrepreneurship: Theory, practice and what really happens at the British Library during Global Entrepreneurship Week.



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