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06 January 2017

Bloom & Wild: How this company became the UK’s top rated flower delivery service

Aron Gelbard is co-founder & CEO of flower delivery company, Bloom & Wild. He launched the business in 2013 with a view to making, sending and receiving flowers the joy that it should be, every time. Bloom & Wild makes it possible to order flowers in under a minute, and through-the-letterbox delivery means that receiving their flowers is as easy as receiving a letter. Their bouquets are trend­led, being the first florist to create a constantly changing range at a scale they describe as ‘fast fashion for flowers’.  Aron was our guest for our Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Internet Icons panel on Tuesday 7 February 2017.

Aron Gelbard, Co-Founder & CEO of Bloom & Wild

Where did the idea for Bloom & Wild flowers come from? What did you do before becoming an entrepreneur?

Prior to Bloom & Wild, I worked as a management consultant, advising technology, retail and consumer products companies, and had previously worked at Google. I was really interested in some of the exciting and innovative direct-to-consumer brands that were starting to appear in the U.S. in particular (e.g. Warby Parker), and always wanted to create my own company that would have a direct impact on people’s lives. The idea for Bloom & Wild came from a combination of my own frustration with ordering flowers, loving using through-the-letterbox services like, and being passionate about doing something that would hopefully brighten a large number of people’s days, every day.

Did you ever worry that you were entering an already oversaturated market?

There are lots of other great flower companies out there, many of whom are run by fantastic florists with an incredible sense of aesthetics. We didn’t think there was an affordable luxury flower brand that was loved by millions of people nationwide, and we thought that there should be. We were confident that we could use technology to provide a simpler customer experience and that there was an opportunity to offer flowers through the letterbox, which nobody else was doing, and so were optimistic that we’d be able to find a place in the market, even though it’s crowded.

Has the exponential growth of Bloom & Wild surprised you?

We’re really flattered that our customers have continued to support us and recommend us to their friends, and this has been a significant factor in our rapid growth. It means a huge amount to us, and we take customer feedback incredibly seriously – we’re now the UK’s top rated flower company across every major review platform, and it’s really important to us to continue focusing on the best possible customer service so that people will continue to order from us and to recommend us. We’re delighted that this has resulted in us rapid growth, but really remain 100% focused on giving our customers and flower recipients the best possible experience.

Technology plays an important role for your business. Had you always planned on utilising its potential benefits?

Absolutely! We always knew that technology was an important differentiator for us. A lot of traditional flower companies are run by fantastic florists, and we thought that we could create an even better customer experience by combining our passion for technology and user experience with great on-trend floristry. We have a team of ten engineers, product manager's and user experience professionals, and they’re a huge part of what makes Bloom & Wild different.

Do you have any tips for anyone starting out in business?

Give it a go – the best experience you can get is by actually starting something, so don’t put it off while you try and get more experience – you learn so much more by doing! And now is a great time to be starting a business – there’s lots of uncertainty and start-ups will always be more nimble and able to react to political and economic changes than larger companies.

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