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03 April 2017

How to research digital trends with eMarketer

eMarketer LogoWe often get enquiries in the Business & IP Centre about how to research digital trends. Such as mobile phone usage and social media growth.

Fortunately, we have access to eMarketer research, which is the first place to look for research about marketing in the digital world. eMarketer PRO is relied on by thousands of companies and business professionals worldwide to understand marketing trends, consumer behaviour. And to get hold of essential data on the fast-changing digital economy. 

eMarketer is unusual for a market research publisher in how much information they give away for through their free newsletters.

But the only way to get hold of their full content is to come into the Business & IP Centre in London and access eMarketer PRO.

Here you will find:

  • Over 200 new reports each year with data, interviews with subject matter experts, and original analysis to provide insights, understanding and context on the most important topics in digital.
  • Aggregated data from over 3,000 sources of research in the data library.
  • Over 7,500 proprietary metrics about the digital marketplace, including media trends, consumer behaviour and device usage.
  • The ability to create customised charts and tables to help tell compelling stories with data.
  • Coverage across 100 countries, including proprietary metrics for 40 core countries.

A person conducting the creation of a research report from the tablet device

eMarketer PRO will help to:

Answer specific questions and access data about digital related topics. Such as how much time do millennials spend with online video? How many smartphone users are there in the UK? What are the key UK digital trends for 2017?

Get deeper insight on digital topics. Such as what is programmatic advertising? What are the pros and cons of developing mobile apps vs mobile websites?

Research topics related to Advertising & Marketing, B2B, Demographics, Email, Industries, Measurement, Mobile, Retail & Ecommerce, Search, Social Media, Video

Benefit from eMarketer Forecasts using eMarketer Estimates up to 2020 for hundreds of Metrics. 

eMarketer Pro Logo

To give you an idea of what you would find, here are some extracts from a typical eMarketer report.

UK Digital Video and TV 2017:
Who’s Watching, How They’re Watching and What It Means for Marketers.


Nearly two-thirds of the UK population will watch digital video content in 2017

eMarketer statistical report, on UK Digital Video Viewers and Penetration, 2015


There will be more digital video viewers than smartphone users in 2017

  eMarketer statistical report, on selected UK digital usage metrics, 2017


Short-form content isn’t necessarily the preserve of the young; older groups are viewing increasing amounts

eMarketer statistical report, on UK Short-Form video viewers by age, Sep 2016


In terms of platforms, YouTube dominates the short-form space and has massive overall reach

eMarketer statistical report, on Top 5 UK Digital videos services, ranked by monthly unique users, Aug 2016


For long-form VOD, the BBC’s iPlayer service dominates, but Netflix is gaining ground

  eMarketer statistical report, on Video-On-Demand services used by UK internet users to view Movies/TV Shows, Aug 2016


So what does this mean for Marketers?

Pre-roll ads don’t work and are mostly disliked on digital channels

eMarketer statistical report, attitudes toward digital video advertising according to UK Short-Form video viewers, Sep 2016


However, pre-roll is still where most of the money is going: 59% of digital video ad spending in H1 2016 went to pre- and post-roll inventory

eMarketer statistical report, on UK Digital display Ad spending share, by format, H1 2016


Social is one area that seems like a good environment for video ads

eMarketer statistical report, App Install Ad channels/formats that are most effective according to mobile app developers worldwide, Q3 2016


Engagement with a video ad on social media often leads to a purchase

  eMarketer statistical report, on Brand-Related social media activities conducted by Social video viewers in select countries, Oct 2016