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30 October 2017

Monday Motivation: what can mentoring do for your business?

With it being Monday we have a #MondayMotivation article based off last Friday's National Mentoring Day.

Sascha Benson-Cooper, director of Accipio and one of Innovating for Growth Mentors

Sascha Benson-Cooper Director of a company called Accipio is one of our Innovating for Growth Mentors.

Accipio is a leading global agency for next-generation digital learning, accredited leadership development and performance consultancy. Headquartered in Central London, they use enabling technology and deep insights to embed and sustain solutions. 

As part of being a successful and well-rounded business owner, giving back can be a rewarding and beneficial aspect. Becoming a mentor, or mentoring those who want to follow in your steps of being a business owner can sharpen your expertise and credentials.

Sascha share's his insights on mentoring;

What drew you to become a mentor?

I had some fantastic mentors through the early stages of my career and this had a very positive impact on my life. So, naturally, I wanted to do the same for someone else. It was also a chance to share my passions, challenge my own thinking and learn from others

What benefits have you seen from mentoring, from both sides - yourself and the mentee?

I have seen personal and professional growth on both sides. My first exposure to being mentored made me realise the ambition I was chasing was not the one I was really after, and that my plan to get there was a long way off. Rather life changing really. As a mentor, I have been equally fortunate to have had a visible positive impact on the lives of others.

Have you ever been mentored yourself?  (If so what was the experience like)

Yes. This has been through a more formal arrangement and on an ad-hoc basis. Any chance to learn from others and have an expert sounding board and insights for your ambition is not to be missed. I also enjoyed having someone to hold me to account for the things I am chasing.

What is your top piece of advice for someone looking to become a mentor?

Just go for it.

How important would you say mentoring others within the business realm is?

Personally, I feel a well-structured mentoring and coaching programme is a key ingredient to unlock performance improvement in the workplace. What is not to gain from sharing knowledge, experiences and helping people to become better versions of themselves? Grow people, improve organisations. It is very simple.

What was your experience with the I4G programme like and how did it help you with your business?

The I4G programme was a brilliant experience. Since the programme, our revenue, operating profit and workforce has more than doubled in a short space of time. It helped us put in place some important fundamentals (especially around intellectual property), changed the way we thought about the business and made us hungry for growth.

National Mentoring Day offers the chance to celebrate mentoring and appreciate the fantastic work that mentors do throughout the world. We hope you take part in the array of international events and networking that will be taking place.

You can learn more on the Innovating for Growth programme from the wide variety of resources available to the many workshops and events held by the Business & IP Centre to enable your business to grow.