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30 January 2018

How to unlock the power of the internet and social media for your business

Digital is currently bigger than ever with both entrepreneurs and investors keener than ever to try and spot the next big thing and our panel of tech trailblazers at this week's Internet Icons event was a great opportunity to get the inside track on how you can turn your business into an online success story and accelerate your growth online.

The Business & IP Centre are committed to help people from all walks of life boost their digital skills and increase their chances of success: in fact, last year we successfully supported over 12,000 business owners to increase their digital know-how as part of the Do It Digital campaign. We achieved this through our regular programme of training, skills and support that runs day-in, day-out at the Centre and includes the following sessions:


Get started workshop

Get the knowledge and information you need to successfully launch a business! In this full day workshop we will cover the essentials of what you need to do to set up and launch a business.

14 February 


Tips for better smartphone photography for business

5 top-tips for smartphone photography for your business

Learn how to optimise your website on a budget by taking top-notch photos armed with just your smartphone and some enthusiasm! You'll leave this workshop with some tips and tricks to take your photography to the next level and ensure your business looks slick and professional online!

14 February 


WEBINAR: Introduction to Lean Start-up

Learn the basics of Lean Start-Up philosophy and practices! Lean Start-Up helps entrepreneurs reduce the cost of developing new products and services by ensuring that they do not waste time and money designing features that customers do not want. Increase your chance of success without large amounts of outside funding and elaborate business plans with our free webinar.  

19 February 
11-12 am


Online marketing masterclass

At this one-stop-shop for digital marketing you'll learn about the 9 must-know strategies for getting your business seen online. You'll leave the workshop knowing which online marketing methods will be most effective for your business to generate new clients and raise awareness of your brand.

20 February 
£48 (usually £98 - use discount code onlinemarketing)


WEBINAR:Introduction to using social media for business


Covering blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, this webinar will teach you the basics about the different types of social media and how to use them effectively for your business to engage your customers to increase sales and brand awareness.

20 February 


You can also browse our full programme of events, workshops and webinars here, covering everything from exploring your market to trade mark searching. With all this support available, now's your chance to become an 'Internet Icon' in your own right and take full advantage of the digital work to grow a successful business!