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22 February 2018

Top 3 business resolutions for 2018

We asked three successful Innovating for Growth* businesses to share their top business priorities for 2018. From focusing on ethical production practices to planning achievable services that offer clear value to customers, here is how the owners of Asquith activewear, The Cocktail Lovers and Revival Retro Boutique plan to drive success and business growth.

A more customer-centric approach for Asquith

Image of Alice Asquith, founder and creative director for Asquith

Alice Asquith, Founder and Creative Director:

For Asquith this year it’s about really focusing on what our customer wants, not what we think she wants. We carried out a customer survey in 2017 and it’s really helped us focus on their needs. 

We are working with more influencers than before who will offer health tips, healthy recipes, free yoga classes - giving more added value to our Customer. 

We also want to raise more awareness around being an ethical clothing brand by filming our factory in Turkey to give our Customer a clearer insight into our Ethical production practices.

A focus on strategy and planning for The Cocktail Lovers

  Image of Gary Sharpen and Sandrae Lawrence, founders and owners of The Cocktail Lovers

Gary Sharpen and Sandrae Lawrence, Founders and Owners:

The timing of the British Library's Innovating for Growth programme couldn't have been better for us. It clarified our thinking for the coming year, helping us to really focus. We are being very clear with our ambitions – specific timings, measurable goals and assessing required resource.

We will focus on actually leading our business – delegating more of its ongoing requirements through freelancers and project partners.

Finally yet equally importantly, we are identifying exactly how to grow the business – planning specific, achievable products, services and events that offer clear value to our customers and partners.

An emphasis on content for Revival Retro Boutique

Image of Rowena Howie standing outside of Revival Retro London boutique store

Rowena Howie, Founder and Owner:

It’s all about content not keywords for the website in 2018! We well be reviewing our messaging to make sure viewers better understand the what, where and why.

For marketing we are going to use our best assets (our staff and our products) to convince new audiences they should visit the boutique: we will be popping up in selected spots all around Greater London.

Last but not least, we will develop our own range of clothing further. Greater control of our product range, delivery dates and pricing without competing with other online retailers of the same goods gives us an advantage especially if we continue to listen to feedback of what our customers expect.


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