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26 February 2020

Meet our delivery partner: Elaine Powell

I remember when I attended a workshop delivered by my friend Jessica Huie on Raising your profile through PR. It was such a great session, delivered in a short space of time with amazing tips to implement, that I left feeling inspired and ready to start raising my profile.

Afterwards as I searched through the British Library courses, I saw that there was a gap for courses on public speaking and pitching. 

Elaine at Start-up Day 2018
Elaine at Start-up Day 2018

You see, I was someone who grew up not being self-expressed for fear of people not liking me, my responses or my opinions, I did not share myself and therefore stopped my growth and development that comes from being self-expressed.  

When I began to work in the corporate sector, I had to learn to speak up and out, but it was never comfortable for me, as I would rather keep quiet at the back of the room. Now don’t get me wrong, I could be the laugh and soul of the party. My friends knew me to be talkative and lively at times, but when it came to officially standing up front and centre, I would usually decline. I know many people are like that too.

So when a friend invited me to a speaking club, I thought, “let me see if this will support and help me” and indeed it did. After winning many competitions, I became a trainer for a charity going into schools delivering public speaking. So my speaking journey began and ten years on, is going from strength to strength.

Over the years I have trained over 25,000 people in public speaking and leadership mindset, delivered 600 workshops, presented 150 talks internationally, and curated a TEDx event for three years in London. Most importantly, I love what I do.

So when I saw that I could deliver these workshops and enable others to find their voice and pitch their business and ideas to others, I jumped at the chance.

Who are the workshops aimed at?

I find that there are two types of people who attend the workshops.

Firstly, they are entrepreneurs and business owners who need to pitch their ideas to gain new clients, business investors or funders. They also attend the presenting workshop as it goes hand-in-hand that being able to deliver with confidence, authenticity, and passion is essential.

Secondly, those attending are usually working for an organisation and either within their roles have to pitch frequently or deliver presentations. Hence why they also come to the presentations workshops.

Lastly, there are those that have always wanted to deliver presentations and know that by attending the presentation skills workshop will give them valuable tools and build their confidence at the same time.

Both workshops are highly interactive and feedback is given by all who attended as 1% of 100 people is more powerful than 100% of 1 person.

Elaine and workshop attendees

So what is covered in your workshops?

Pitching With Confidence Workshop

During the workshop you will learn:

  • Why pitching is vital to any business
  • Who you need to ‘Be” for people to buy into you and your business
  • How to craft an engaging elevator pitch
  • What goes into creating a five step pitch architecture
  • How to be an engaging presenter and remain calm 

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Know who you need to ‘Be’ when pitching
  • Have an outline for your elevator and 5 minute pitch
  • Have practised your elevator and 5 minute pitch
  • Have more confidence to pitch your business, ideas or requests
  • Understand what any audience is looking for when you are pitching
  • Receive feedback on your elevator pitch 

You will come away feeling a lot more confident about your pitch and receive valuable feedback. If you haven’t got a pitch, you will take-away at least a frame work, knowing what your ideal audience want to see, hear and know about you, your business and most importantly what can you do for them.

Presenting With Confidence Workshop 

Presenting with confidence, is something that most people aspire to do well. Whether it is standing up talking at a meeting, delivering a presentation or sharing your voice, opinions and views with others.  When you Present With Confidence you get to touch, move and inspire others.

During the workshop you will learn:

  • How you can effectively use vocal, verbal and visual techniques to engage any audience
  • Understand what nerves are and learn tips to control them
  • How to gain confidence in yourself and your speaking ability
  • How structure is vital to keeping audience attention
  • Gain clarity around your key message
  • Learn how to write and deliver a short engaging speech

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have practised speaking several times
  • Delivered a two minute personal story or presentation
  • Increase your ability to persuade and influence
  • Speak with confidence and charisma
  • Learnt how to manage your fears and nerves
  • Start having fun being self-expressed
  • Receive professional feedback

Very importantly you will get to see that you are really much better than you thought, especially after we spend time looking at your mindset regarding public speaking that actually isn’t serving you and creating something that does.

Lastly, we get to have fun in all my sessions. Laughter is a great way to spend the session.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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