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28 April 2020

Meet our delivery partner: Johnny Martin aka The Numbers Coach

Comfortably one of the biggest pains starting or running a business is getting on top of all the business numbers and jargon. Johnny Martin’s workshop Get cashflow confident aims to take away that fear of finance.

I’m an experienced Finance Director who now passionately explains business numbers and jargon. I’m also the author of Understanding Your Business Finances Workbook, entrepreneur in residence at the London College of Fashion and a mentor at the Royal College of Art.

I am based in Somerset where I run my own self-storage business and in my spare time, you can find me messing about on boats and off-road running.

Johnny Martin

“Demystifying business numbers to help you succeed in business.”

What’s covered in Get cashflow confident?

The workshop is currently being delivered via Zoom, whilst the British Library is shut. Whether the workshop is held virtually, or in person, it covers three key areas:

Understand the language

  • We cover the key financial reports i.e. profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet and how they fit together.
  • Essential knowledge like the different types of profit, how to calculate break even and the importance of gross profit margin.
  • And we cover the biggest cause of confusion - why profit isn’t the same as cash!


  • The main principles of forecasting and budgeting – often an area of considerable stress and anxiety.
  • How to forecast sales and the importance of sensitivity analysis.
  • How to use the Excel forecasting model

Top tips on financial management

  • Company administration like basics of VAT, online accounting systems and managing working capital.
  • Different trading formats e.g. sole trader vs limited company.
  • Business valuation and pre and post money valuations.

Who is this workshop for?

This is a practical and stress-free way to get the financial knowledge, confidence and tools to help you understand, forecast and manage when starting and growing a business. So if you are:

  • Uncertain about cash flow forecasting?
  • Feeling finance is getting out of control?
  • Confused by your accountant?
  • Struggling with your business model?
  • Apprehensive about VAT?
  • About to raise finance

Then my workshop will help you.

What to expect

By attending my workshop you will become more confident at:

  • Forecasting and managing your cash flow
  • Creating financial forecasts and projections
  • Understanding financial jargon and reports so you can communicate with investors and lenders
  • Day to day management of the financial function
  • Raising capital without getting caught out by investors
  • Understanding how to value your business
  • Financial management so you can avoid the common pitfalls facing your business such as working capital

I’ll equip you with a range of practical tools and methods which you can implement straight away as well as a good foundation in business finance theory.

As part of the workshop, you will also receive

  • An Excel five year integrated forecast profit and loss and cash flow worth at least £400 for you to forecast your business
  • Copy of 90 minute video Talk Money worth £18
  • Workshop handouts, glossary and checklist
  • Post-workshop email support from me

“You must make commercial decisions based on what you know you can afford. Follow Johnny’s clear and practical, simple to follow advice to help you thoroughly understand how business finances work.”
Lara Morgan – Founder of Pacific Direct, Startup Britain, UKTI ambassador

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