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28 June 2021

Introducing Katherine Tinoco, founder of ArtPerÚK

This week we're shining a light on Katherine Tinoco, founder of ArtPerÚK a business created to share Peruvian culture with the wider community in London and the UK through the art and enjoyment of dance. ArtPerÚK burst onto the UK dance scene in mid-2019, offering Peruvian folkloric dance classes representative of the three regions of Peru: Coast, Andes and Jungle. 


'We believe that dancing is a great way to keep fit, happy, develop your self esteem and it is also a great opportunity to improve your wellbeing, having the option to meet people and explore different cultures while improving the wellbeing, reducing stress and avoiding negative feelings. We do not just dance, we take you on a journey through the exploration of the wonderful culture and history of Peru that will awaken your interest and curiosity for Latin American issues by several detailed choreographies.'

ArtPerÚK delivers and promotes the well-being of individuals through dance classes which allow them to have healthier lifestyles, encourage social integration and connect people with other communities, institutions and organisations in different boroughs, institutions, community organisations as well as the private sector.  

The services ArtPerÚK offer are: 

  • Dance Classes for adults and kids (online and face to face group classes) 
  • Private dance classes (online and face to face classes) 
  • Performances at private, corporate events
  • Public performances  and community events 
  • Team Building activities 
  • Fitness workshops 


'I've joined more than 10 online webinars and workshops were I was able to learn more about how to reboot my business in this time of crisis.  The Marketing Workshop has really helped me to improve my social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, the Finance Workshop that helped me understand how to manage tax returns effectively.  I was also able to enroll in several 1-1 meetings with a Business Expert, like Sophie White Who was amazing! She helped me align my ideas for the business and connect me with people to receive support on finance, legal and also helped me to promote my events. That’s why we were able to launch a 2 workshops  for the Croydon community. Offering free dance lessons online. 

Free events are run every month for new joiners who haven't tried a lesson before can experience the classes and try them out to see if its for them before signing up to one of the plans. 

'We offer private and public dance lessons including online for the pandemic, and we've also performed at several corporate events to bring a a colourful taste of exotic Peruvian culture. 


We hope to present all our colourful choreographies in the near future to the public, with the traditional costumes that are such an integral part of Peruvian culture. Keep in touch and supporting us following on social media, on Facebook, Instagram as well as our channel on Youtube to keep up to date with our latest offers, choreographies, tutorials, and flashmobs - when we can finally get out and make some!

My advice is to do a lot of research and make sure that your idea will work and manage expectations to update your product or service strategy. See your finances for the initial years and see the funding that you will need to operate well.

I learn that as a women, mother and entrepreneur we have to be resilient all the time and keep going, using any trouble or problem as an opportunity to improve, see the glass half full and not half empty. As an entrepreneur we faced lots of challenges and we need to see this to learn more and keep going with the same passion from the beginning.

Lockdown came at a really bad time for ArtPerUK, when we were just starting to expand our physical classes, and were attracting interest through free trial dance classes around South London.  However, “every challenge is an opportunity”, and when lockdown was implemented, I reinvented the services and switched to online classes, and suddenly we were able to attract several clients to the classes. Online classes also allowed us to attract clients from outside of London, like Germany, Japan, USA, etc and allowed us to expand its client base beyond physical constraints of having to be present in a certain place. Lockdown meant that people wanted to keep fit and maintain social contact, and that is what ArtPerUK offered. While in lockdown ArtPerUK launched more than 151 online dance lessons private and public, created several online challenges and driving awareness and participation. Ironically lockdown also made some things easier, by allowing people to dance from the comfort of their own home and not have to travel, which actually helped get a lot more participants.


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