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07 March 2022

Meet Nicole Tay, founder of Indomitable Beauty

Are you looking to improve your skincare routine? Nicole Tay, founder of Indomitable Beauty, a premium science-based skincare brand, is here to help. With the modern lifestyle in mind, Nicole worked with a chemist to develop products that deliver results you can see and feel without a complicated skincare routine. Now let’s hear more from Nicole…

Indomitable Beauty Skin Enhancing Duo

‘Did you know: 66% of us felt products did not deliver results as promised, 42% felt routine takes too much time?

Frustrated by a time-consuming routine and overwhelming active ingredients, I was determined to create high-performance and effective skincare products to streamline the skincare routine. Our Renewal Elixir, for example, contains 1% encapsulated retinol, 5% niacinamide plus 5 super antioxidants to replace the need of multiple essences, serums and moisturiser.’

When Nicole started her research on skincare, setting up a business did not cross her mind, there was a more personal reason behind it.

‘In 2018, I broke out in rashes all over my face and neck from overuse of active ingredients and not knowing how these ingredients interacted with one another. I was at the British Library to research skincare/ingredients, I just wanted to know the cause of rashes on my skin. It was through research, I realised there is a lot of misinformation and fear-mongering within the beauty industry.

  1. We have been conditioned to believe that “perfect” skin exists.
  2. We need to buy more products to achieve that “perfect”, “poreless” skin.
  3. Endless marketing-led trends to further entice us, myself included, to buy more products.

At one point, my skincare routine consisted of 12 products and much more just sits on the bathroom shelves. Imagine the products, we used once or twice and left standing on the dressing table that eventually ends up in landfills. It was through my journey in researching my skin that I spotted a gap in the market. Using fewer products but more clinically-proven active ingredients that truly makes a difference to the skin. Less is more.’

Nicole’s motivation is as clear as her ethos for Indomitable Beauty:

‘Our Goal: Reduce environmental impact and be a more considered consumer (create less, buy less, use less and waste less).

Our USP: Less is more. Fewer products, more actives.

Our Value: Driven by science & research, we are guided by data from ingredient choices, concentration and formulation to packaging. Powered by science, supercharged by nature

Indomitable Beauty Renewal Elixir

It was a big step to take from having an idea to fully launching a business. What SiLL project has helped me with was providing invaluable information from market research, legal advice to business planning. I don’t think I would have the confidence to launch my business had it not for SiLL project.

Apart from the practical workshops and advice, meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs was amazing.

Sophie (SME Champion for Croydon) was amazing and was always able to point me in the right direction with her knowledge. Being an entrepreneur, can sometimes feel overwhelming. Having one-to-ones with Sophie whether as a sounding board or getting contacts, Sophie was always engaged and supportive.

My advice to anyone looking to start up a business would be just do it. I was holding myself back for quite a long time because I was scared and nervous and everything you feel when you try something for the first time. That fear of failing is taking away that opportunity of us possibly succeeding. Once I was able to look at it from a different angle, it became exciting.

The key things I have learnt while starting up my business are:

  1. Research, research, research. Everything starts with research. I would not have started Indomitable Beauty if I wasn’t researching about my skin.
  2. Do what you are good at. If you can, find someone to help with what you are not so good at.

To anyone thinking about starting up their own business, I would say…

Be prepared:

  1. To work hard and go out of your comfort zone.
  2. Hear no’s many times over.

Believe in yourself.’

Indomitable Beauty Renewal Elixir

Nicole was asked many times to change the brand name ‘Indomitable Beauty’ to something easier to say/remember. She refused to, and here is why…

‘The word ‘indomitable’ is fundamental to our brand ethos and informs everything we do. This is based on the belief that we all have the ability to be indomitable within us. We pride ourselves with creating the most effective formulation and delivering results. This does not happen with the first formulation, or second, or third. It took us over 2 years and 30 iterations to perfect our formulations. It’s the indomitable spirit that kept us going and staying positive.  

We are living in a society that celebrates success, and failures are often considered embarrassing. As an ancient Chinese proverb goes: “Failure is the mother of success.” Don’t take failure as the end but as a learning curve to do better next time.’

Click here to explore the Indomitable Beauty website and discover their products.