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25 July 2013

Evolution or revolution! The changing face of collection care

Did you know that we are hosting a two day conference this October 2013?

A close up image from Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. A line drawing of Alice with long unbound hair, is lying, head resting in one palm, while a Rabbit in a coat trousers & shoes, walks past her, bearing a bouquet of flowers. There is writing from the text visible along the right and below the image.
“How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another!” Excerpt from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.

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If you’ve been following our blog and are keen to learn more about collection care then you’re in luck: we have brought together a team of national and international experts and professionals in the field to share with us how change and development are redefining our roles and responsibilities. Speakers will be representing academic libraries and research libraries, colleges and universities, conservation institutions, archives, museums and galleries. You can hear from our own Collection Care team, too, as we’ll be on hand to chat about our own experiences in a changing environment and show you more of what we do and why. Places are filling up fast, but the good news is you’re still eligible for the early bird rate (£175 + 20% VAT = £210) which closes at the end of July!

Keynote speaker Bill Thompson (Head of Partnership Development at BBC Archive) will kick off proceedings on Monday 14 October discussing collection care in the age of electronics. A busy day of talks will be followed by a relaxing reception in the evening. Tuesday 15 is another bumper-packed day of presentations, and for anyone with the stamina to make it to Wednesday we will be running tours to various British Library departments including our state of the art conservation studios, our sound archive and a rare opportunity to visit our our low-oxygen, high-density store on our Yorkshire site. If that wasn’t enough there will also be a small trade event where exhibitors will demonstrate their latest products and technologies such as multispectral imaging.

There’s a lot of knowledge to be shared at this conference and we’re very excited to be a part of it. Hopefully see you there!

Book your place now. The full list of speakers can be found here and you can read more on the British Library What’s On page .


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