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30 September 2014

Conservation and preservation training to continue with West Dean College

The British Library has partnered with West Dean College to deliver a programme of training in support of conservation and preservation activities in libraries and archives. The courses will be based on those developed by the National Preservation Office and the Preservation Advisory Centre and will focus on Continued Professional Development for professionals. Training will also be relevant for students undertaking conservation or similar qualifications.

A close up of Alasdair's hand signing the contract in blue ink.
Alasdair Ball, Head of Collection Management at the British Library signing the agreement with West Dean College.


The Preservation Advisory Centre (PAC), which had been running similar courses at the British Library, closed on 31 March 2014. The Preservation Advisory Centre supported the preservation of library and archive collections of all types through the provision of preservation management tools, training and information services. All publications and resources have been transferred to the British Library Collection Care webpages, while the PAC website can be found on the UK Web Archive.

The new agreement with West Dean College was signed on 23 September 2014 by Alastair Ball, Head of Collection Management at the British Library, and Peter Pearce, Chief Executive of West Dean College. Ball: "The British Library is delighted to enter into this agreement with West Dean College. The public sector often works at its best when it engages in trusted partnerships with highly respected organisations and this is an excellent example. We look forward to seeing the partnership sustain the provision of high quality professional development for this important sector."

The group stand in front of a brick building with an archway to the right and foliage to the left.
Left to right: Francine Norris, Director of Education at West Dean College; David Dorning, Conservation of Books Programme Leader at West Dean College; Cordelia Rogerson, Head of Conservation at the British Library; Peter Pearce, Chief Executive at West Dean College and Alasdair Ball, Head of Collection Management at the British Library.


West Dean College have been running a Professional Conservators in Practice programme for sixteen years. Peter Pearce: “This partnership brings together two organisations recognized for their expertise. This programme is the perfect complement to West Dean College’s existing range of conservation courses which are internationally renowned. We are excited to benefit from the British Library’s pre-eminent reputation in the care of books”.

West Dean College also offers a full time postgraduate Conservation of Books and Library Materials programme. For further information about the College’s conservation programmes please visit

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