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22 May 2013

Round-Up: Upcoming UK Digital Scholarship Training Opportunities

While we run our own 15 course Digital Scholarship Training programme for staff at the Library* we are always on the look-out for further training opportunities for colleagues. The following is a small selection of what’s on our radar at the moment. If you can recommend others coming up please do let us know in the comments!

Note: This post is updated periodically as suggestions come in!


Digital Humanities @Oxford Summer School 2013
8-12 July 2013
DHOxSS delegates are introduced to a range of topics suitable for researchers, project managers, research assistants, and students who are interested in the creation, management, analysis, modelling, visualization, or publication of digital data for the humanities.

GIS in the Humanities Summer School 2013
15-18 July 2013
This free workshop, sponsored by the European Research Council's Spatial Humanities: Texts, GIS, Places project and hosted by Lancaster University, will provide a basic introduction to GIS both as an approach to academic study and as a technology.

DARIAH-DE International Digital Humanities School 2013 
19-23 August 2013
A one-week crash course in using the scripting language Python and its Natural Language Toolkit to perform in-depth computational analysis of digital texts.  [Ok, not UK based but looks like a great course!]

Free Online Tutorials

Going Digital
Going Digital is a unique training programme aimed at doctoral students who are new to digital research and who want to learn more.
The programme has been running since January and while applications to take part in the workshops have now closed many of the courses have already added their “How-to Guides” to the website. See for instance the excellent 30 January 2013 “Scraping the web” tutorial.

The Programming Historian 2
The Programming Historian 2 (PH2) is a tutorial-based open access textbook designed to teach humanists practical computer programming skills that are immediately useful to real research needs.
A few of us around the Library are working our way through these extremely well-written lessons at the moment and can highly recommend them!

Open Knowledge Foundation School of Data
School of Data works to empower civil society organizations, journalists and citizens with the skills they need to use data effectively – evidence is power!
The courses offered here cover a whole range of topics around working with data, from data fundamentals to extracting, cleaning, analysing and presenting data.

Institute of Historical Research Digital Training Online Courses 
The IHR offers a really nice selection of free online courses for digital research including one covering Digital Tools for semantic mark-up and text-mining and the like. Thank you to Jonathan Blaney for the head's up there! 

*if you’re at #dh2013 this summer swing by my session to hear all about it!

-Nora McGregor, Digital Curator, @ndalyrose


Not forgetting the IHR's excellent Digital research skills courses

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