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14 November 2014

International Games Day at Your Library

Tomorrow is International Games Day @ your library, this is an initiative run by volunteers from around the world with guidance from the American Library Association, in partnership with Nordic Game Day and the Australian Library and Information Association.

It will be the first time that the British Library has taken part and we are holding a free public drop-in session from 11:30 to 16:00 in the Foyle room, this is at the back of the British Library in London, in the Centre of Conservation. You don't need to book a ticket in advance, just turn up on the day. From the main Library entrance, go up the stairs to floor one and follow the signs to the Centre of Conservation. This map should help:


 At the drop-in session you will be able to meet students from The University of South Wales and De Montfort University in Leicester, who were in this year’s Off the Map competition's winning teams and play the games that they made. There is a blog post about these games here and there are flythrough clips in the video below:


Also at the event, you can meet Rob Sherman, who is the BL’s current interactive writer in residence accompanying the Lines in the Ice exhibition. Rob is producing original art, both physical and digital, in response to the exhibition; including a Twine game about the travels of a man called Isaak Scinbank between the years 1852 and 1853. There is an introduction to his project here and you can check out his research blog at


Illustration of Captain Isaak Scinbank, by Rob Sherman


Finally, the British Library will be taking part in the Global Gossip Game at 15:30 along with many of the other libraries across the world also taking part in International Games Day @ your library. This is a game where one person starts a phrase and it is whispered from person to person in a single long chain, mutating as it goes along as people mishear or mis-remember it. The Global Gossip Game celebrates the human ability to connect across all kinds of barriers; using the power of play in creating and affirming human community. 


Stella Wisdom

Curator, Digital Research



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