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05 February 2015

Alice's Adventures Off the Map

The Off the Map competition, which  the British Library is proud to run with our best mates at GameCity, is back and for 2015 it is part of the British Library's celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. 

Lots of exciting things are planned for this anniversary; including a free exhibition at the Library (Autumn 2015 – Spring 2016) exploring how Alice has been adapted and appropriated by successive generations, and the enduring influence of the original Alice in Wonderland story and illustrations. The exhibition will be particularly special to the Library, as we own the original manuscript of the story, written and illustrated by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (better known as Lewis Carroll), and on which all subsequent adaptations are based, some more faithfully than others!

Carroll lewis nursery small

Illustration from The Nursery Alice (Cup.410.g.74.)

If you are a full time student in UK Higher Education who likes making digital games and/or writing interactive fiction, then please do check out the Alice's Adventures Off the Map website: for details on how to enter the 2015 competition. Also, to register to take part, then sign up here. The closing date is 22 June, so we think that is plenty of time for teams to create something amazing!

There are two upcoming events at the British Library in London for participating teams and individuals taking part in the Alice's Adventures Off the Map competition. Attending will provide a perfect opportunity to find out more about the competition and to ask British Library Curators about this year's sub-themes (Oxford, Underground and Gardens) and the selected collection items.

Both events are identical, so please only sign up for one!

16 February:

6 March:

If you have any questions about these events, which are not answered by the information on the Eventbrite pages, please email


Stella Wisdom

Curator, Digital Research



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