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24 July 2015

British Library Labs Project Awards (2015): Call for entries!

Posted by Hana Lewis, BL Labs Project Officer @BL_Labs

The British Library Labs Awards (2015) recognises and promotes work that uses the British Library digital collections / data.

The Awards acknowledge exceptional work within three categories: Research, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.


This category is for work produced within the context of a research project or activity. These entries will demonstrate the development of new knowledge related to content, research methods, or research tools.


This category is for work that uses the British Library's digital content in the context of artistic or creative endeavours. Such entries will inspire, stimulate, amaze and provoke.


The final category is for work that delivers or develops commercial value. These entries are likely to be in the context of new products, tools, or services that build on, incorporate, or enhance the British Library's digital content to produce commercial value.

Entries can be submitted until Monday 14th September 2015 (midnight BST).

The submission process is simple and further information can be found through the following link:

About the awards and how to apply.

Each proposal will be assessed by an independent panel of experienced researchers, experts and British Library staff.

Shortlisted entrants will be contacted via email by Monday 12th of October 2015, and invited to participate in our annual Symposium on Monday November 2nd 2015, where the winners will be awarded. At the Symposium, each of the three category winners will receive a £500 prize and an opportunity to promote their work!

Some really fantastic work has already been produced using our digital content, so please spread the word and let’s keep those entries rolling in!


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