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05 April 2024

Curious about using 'public domain' British Library Flickr images?

We regularly get questions from people who want to re-use the images we've published on the British Library's Flickr account. They might be listed as 'No known copyright restrictions' or 'public domain'.

We're always pleased to hear that people want to use images from our Flickr collection, and appreciate folk who get in touch to check if their proposed use - particularly commercial use - is ok.

So, yes, our Public Domain images are out of copyright and available for re-use without restriction, including commercial re-use. You can find out more about our images at

You don't have to credit the Library when using our public domain images, but we always appreciate credit where possible as a way of celebrating their re-use and to help other people find the collection.

If you'd like to credit us, you can say something like 'Images courtesy of the British Library’s Flickr Collection'.

We also love hearing how people have used our images, so please do let us know ([email protected]) about the results if you do use them.

By Digital Curator Mia Ridge for the British Library's Digital Research team