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12 May 2010

Team work and collaboration - guest blogging

Building a digital resource requires a great deal of team work and collaboration. The frontline teams contributing to the Greek Manuscripts Digitisation Project, for example, include experts in the preservation and conservation of manuscripts, digital photography, digital preservation, development of information systems, website design, development and usability, project management and, of course, Greek manuscripts. Each of these teams make a critical contribution to the final output. From a Project Manager's point of view, I find it most inspiring how conversations with colleagues and friends, both inside the British Library, help me to see a different perspective on the many issues relating to the resource we are about to create.

I have asked a number of people to guest blog in the Digitised Manuscripts Blog and hope that readers find their contribution as interesting as I do. The next blog entry was written by Flavio Marzo, who has been working as  Conservator for the Greek Manuscripts Digitisaton Project since March 2009.


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