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01 March 2011

A Calendar Page for March

For a further discussion of medieval calendars, as well as the Isabella Breviary itself, please see the post for January.

  A page from the Isabella Breviary, showing the calendar for March, with an illustration of a landscape in Spring and labourers trimming and preparing vines and digging for the year's first crops. 

The calendar page for March, from the Breviary of Queen Isabella of Castile, Add MS 18851, f. 2v

This page is from the calendar for March, and depicts the zodiac sign for Aries as a ram with curled horns, in the upper left of the folio.  Below is a landscape at the beginning of spring, with trees sprouting new leaves, and grass beginning to grow.  Among the new greenery can be seen a group of men at work trimming and preparing vines, and beginning to dig for the year's first crops.


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