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28 October 2011

Digitised Manuscripts update

The British Library's Digitised Manuscripts site was launched in September 2010, and currently attracts more than 24,000 page views each month. Our first upload comprised 284 Greek manuscripts, and we have periodically added more content, including the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Old English Hexateuch and autograph manuscripts of William Blake and JS Bach.

Homer, Odyssey, 15th century: London, British Library, MS Harley 6325, f 1r

Another 74 Greek manuscripts have now been added to this list, containing approximately 25,000 images. The British Library is privileged to house such a significant collection of manuscripts written in the Greek language, ranging in date from the 3rd century B.C. to the present, and constituting arguably the largest and most important resource outside Greece for the study of Hellenic culture.

Each manuscript featured in Digitised Manuscripts contains full digital coverage, and a description of the item's contents, date and origin. The site benefits from the deep zoom technology that underpins the viewer, allowing users to zoom in on images at great speed and with very detailed results. We recommend that you use the Browse facility to see a list of all manuscripts found on the site.

A collection of divinations and magic, 15th century: London, British Library, MS Harley 5596, f 3v

The digitisation of our Greek manuscripts has been generously funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The most recent upload features items ranging in date from the 11th to the 18th century, and includes a 14th-century Psalterworks of St Basil of Caesarea copied in the 14th century, a 15th-century copy of Homer's Odysseya collection of divinations and writings on magic, and a Greek-Latin dictionary copied in about 1420.

Here is a comprehensive listing of all the Greek manuscripts recently added to the British Library's Digitised Manuscripts.

Harley 1675 

Copies of Greek and Latin texts with notes by Toussaint Berchet (d. 1607), after 1590

Harley 1771

Homer, Iliad, 15th century

Harley 1814

Dionysius Periegetes, Orbis descriptio, 15th century

Harley 1868

Cassianus Bassus, Geoponica, 14th century

Harley 3100

Suda, 15th century

Harley 3329

In Sacra Biblia Graeca ex versione LXX, 17th century

Harley 3382

Selections from Claudius Aelian, De animalium natura libri xvii, 17th century

Harley 3521

Collection of notes and extracts, 17th century

Harley 4767

Lycophron, Alexandra, 17th century

Harley 5534

Psalter, 14th century

Harley 5539

Works of Agapetus diaconus and Basil I 'the Macedonian', 15th century

Harley 5549

Life of Hartmann Beyer (1516-1577), by Philipp Reinhart, ?1580

Harley 5554

Nomocanon of Manuel Malaxos, 1675

Harley 5556

Gerasimus, Patriarch of Alexandria, On Communion, etc., 1714

Harley 5560

Sindbad (Syntipas) the philosopher, Tale of the king, his son, and the 7 sages, 1667

Harley 5561

Euchologion, with readings from the Epistles and Gospels, 13th-15th century

Harley 5564

Epiphanius of Salamis, De duodecim gemmis, 16th century

Harley 5570

Psalms and Odes etc., 16th century

Harley 5574

Symeon, Archbishop of Thessalonica, 17th century

Harley 5575

Euthymius Zigabenus, Ps.-Nonnus, Nicholas of Andida etc., 1281

Harley 5576

Works of St Basil of Caesarea etc., 14th century

Harley 5577

Works of Dionysius Periegetes and Eustathius of Thessalonica, 15th century

Harley 5581

Menaion, 14th century

Harley 5588

New Testament, 13th century

Harley 5590

Eusebius of Caesarea, Commentary on the Psalms, 16th century

Harley 5592

Photius, Bibliotheca, 16th century

Harley 5593

Works of Photius, Aristides, Philip of Side etc., 1555

Harley 5596

Divinations, magic, etc., 15th century

Harley 5599

Aristotle, 15th century

Harley 5602

St John Chrysostom, Homiliae 1-55 in Acta Apostolorum, 12th century

Harley 5603

Metaphrastan Menologion for October, 11th century

Harley 5607

Hilarion Cigalas, Archbishop of Cyprus, Synodikon in hexameters, 17th century

Harley 5608

Missal of Dominican use, 15th century

Harley 5609

Works of St Basil of Caesarea and Isocrates, 15th century

Harley 5610

Epistolographi Graeci, 14th century

Harley 5619

St John Damascenus, Barlaam and Josaphat, c.1590

Harley 5623

Liturgica, 13th-17th century

Harley 5626

Medical writings of Aetius and Hippocrates, 16th century

Harley 5630

Symeon, Archbishop of Thessalonica, 16th century

Harley 5637

Collations of Polyainos, Strategemata, 17th century

Harley 5645

Themistius, 17th century

Harley 5663

Collection of fragments, 16th century

Harley 5666

Commentary on St Gregory, In laudem S. Basilii Magni, etc., 16th century

Harley 5672

Homer, Iliad, 15th century

Harley 5675

Canon Law, 16th century

Harley 5678

Dionysius the Ps.-Areopagite, 15th century

Harley 5679

Dioscorides, 15th century

Harley 5685

Nemesius and Proclus, 12th century

Harley 5691

Works of Manuel Bryennios, etc., 15th-16th century

Harley 5692

Plutarch, Vitae Parallelae, 14th century

Harley 5697

Ιoannes Chortasmenos, Metropolites of Selymbria, 15th century

Harley 5727

Scholia on Homer, Iliad I-XIX, 15th-16th century

Harley 5734

Theological miscellany, 16th century

Harley 5782

Synaxarion (Lives of Saints), 1362-63

Harley 5783

Symeon, Archbishop of Thessalonica, 1601

Harley 5784

Four Gospels, 15th century

Harley 5790

Four Gospels, 1478

Harley 5795

Iamblichus, 16th century

Harley 6302

Formulary for letters to ecclesiastics, etc., 17th century

Harley 6304

Nomocanon, 1713

Harley 6307

Aristophanes, Plutus, Nubes and Ranae, 15th century

Harley 6309

Mechanica, 17th century

Harley 6310

Collection of fragments, 16th century

Harley 6311A

Demosthenes, De corona, 15th century

Harley 6313

Greek-Latin dictionary, circa 1420

Harley 6316

Ecclesiastical History, 16th century

Harley 6317

Military treatises by Athenaeus, Biton and Leo VI, ?1563

Harley 6322

Demosthenes, Aeschines, Synesius, 15th century

Harley 6325

Homer, Odyssey, 15th century

Harley 6462

Greek grammar in Latin, before 1715

Harley 6478

Epigrams from the Palatine Anthology, before 1713

Harley 6874

Aristotle, 15th century

Harley 6876

Geoponica, c. 1700-1703

Harley 7576

Miscellany, 1588-1724



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