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08 June 2013

Guess the Manuscript III

Happy weekend, everyone!  How better to while away a lazy summer Saturday than playing another rousing game of Guess the Manuscript?  As always, this manuscript is part of the British Library collection, and can be found somewhere amongst the gems on our Digitised Manuscripts site.


If you're stuck, the image below might help (although it probably won't).


We'll announce the correct answer next week - good luck!  You can see our previous Guess the Manuscript posts here and here.


Update:  The not-so-obvious answer is the Bedford Psalter and Hours (Add MS 42131), written and illuminated for John Plantagenet, the Duke of Bedford.   The manuscript was produced for him in England between 1412 and 1422, and was originally enclosed in a red velvet binding.  This 15th century binding, now detached, is the source of the images above; congratulations to @richdwragg, @alixebovey, and @yorkherald for being the first few to solve the mystery!


I don't know what the manuscript is, but I am guessing that the first image shows a relic of some kind. Perhaps a piece of Saints' clothing.

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