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28 September 2013

Guess the Manuscript VII

We'll be the first to admit that the next installment in our Guess the Manuscript series is a bit cruel.  In our defence, you loyal readers have proven so astute and resourceful in solving the previous puzzles that we've had to come up with a challenge for you (or rather, we hope it is a challenge for you).  As you can see below, we are offering you a bit of text from a medieval manuscript that is somewhere on our Digitised Manuscripts site; can you identify the text and the manuscript?


You can leave your guesses as comments on this post, or send them to us via Twitter @BLMedieval.  Good luck!

Update:  And the answer (of course) is Royal MS 15 D I, f. 61v, a bit of text from a copy of Guyart de Moulin's Bible historiale which was produced in Bruges between 1470 and 1479.  Massive congratulations are due to @AskthePast, who was the only one to get it right!  Thanks to everyone for playing along, and stay tuned for another Guess the Manuscript soon.


I couldn't find the right page but I'm almost certain it's the "Harley Froissart", Harley 4379 :

It is easier to find this manuscript via your blog than via the BL catalogue. Please explain why to order the manuscript one must locate the page Order OTHER items, even though one has ordered no items, and why it is not possible to find a page to order a manuscript on the VERY FIRST page of your webiste, as in most other world libraires?
Many thanks for your help.

We are sorry that you have found difficulties using our online catalogue. Please address your feedback here:

Pas de chance cette fois-ci, I now give up the search. Thank you, still had a lot of fun browsing through your collection of French manuscripts, comparing the writings, and even trying to guess with the average number of letters/words per line. Une autre fois peut-être.

"what a wonderful world" and company. thank you.

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