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15 April 2014

The Next Giant List of Digitised Manuscript Hyperlinks

It's that time of year again, friends - when we inflict our quarterly massive list of manuscript hyperlinks upon an unsuspecting public.  As always, this list contains everything that has been digitised up to this point by the Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts department, complete with hyperlinks to each record on our Digitised Manuscripts site.  There will be another updated list here on the blog in three months; you can download the current version here: Download BL Medieval and Earlier Digitised Manuscripts Master List 10.04.13.  Have fun!

Miniature of Joachim in the fields among the shepherds, rejoicing in joy about our new spreadsheet, from a Book of Hours, Netherlands (Utrecht or Delft), c. 1410 - 1420, Add MS 50005, f. 3v



Is it possible for the BL to expose URLs for the individual images?

I ask because Yates Tompson MS 36 ( has the following note about f. 2r,

" miniature of Dante's vision of hell, where he is attacked by three wild beasts (the leopard, representing lust, the lion, pride, and the she-wolf, greed) and at the right, Dante meeting Virgil, in illustration of Canto I;"

If there were a URL for f. 2r, I can represent the image as a topic and the miniature as a topic in association with the page. The reason for taking that approach is that I can then annotate both the image and the miniature with separate notes. For example, pointing out that according to both Singleton and Ciardi, this is not a vision of Hell but rather of the mons Domini and the animals are blocking his direct ascent.

Of course those are references that are not online so traditional citations and quotations would have to suffice. There are other illustrations online that could be referenced so a user could consult those as well.

The same could be said for the other manuscripts that have been imaged but I have a particular weakness for Dante.

Thanks for the excellent job you and others are doing to make these materials available. Hopeful direct links can be made (through the viewer?) so enriched presentations can be made of this ms and others.


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