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28 August 2014

A Temporary Farewell

As I am preparing to head off for a year’s maternity leave, I thought I would take the opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful opportunity it has been to work on this blog.  It has been a great pleasure to be able to share so many of the glories of the British Library over the past 3 or so years, and very gratifying to have such fabulous responses to our work. 

Harley_ms_4425_f140r detail
Detail of Nature at a furnace, forging a baby, from the Roman de la Rose, Netherlands (Bruges), c. 1490 – c. 1500, Harley MS 4425, f. 140r

If you happen to be feeling as nostalgic as I am, might I suggest that you cast your eyes back on a few of my favourites?  As you may have noticed, I have a great interest in marginalia and bestiaries, so the list would have to include Weird and Wonderful Creatures of the Bestiary, Monkeys in the Margins, More Gorleston Psalter ‘Virility’: Profane Images in a Sacred Space, Marginali-yeah! The Fantastic Creatures of the Rutland Psalter , and naturally, Knight v Snail and the famous Unicorn Cookbook.

Stowe_ms_17_f189v detail
Detail of a marginal painting of a monkey with a swaddled infant, from the Maastricht Hours, Netherlands (Liège), 1st quarter of the 14th century, Stowe MS 17, f. 189v

Of course my leave-taking isn’t a permanent one; I’ll be returning to the British Library – and to the Medieval Manuscripts blog – in September of 2015.  There will still be a number of posts coming up that I’ve written, and I’m leaving you in the very capable hands of Julian Harrison, Cillian O’Hogan, James Freeman, and the rest of the Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts team.  Until we meet again!

- Sarah J Biggs


Best of luck Sarah (in fact to both of you!) Here's to an easy birth... Shall we see you back in a year or so?

Dear Dave,
Thank you very much! I will be returning to the British Library in September of 2015. If time permits - which it very well might not - I'll be writing a bit for the blog while I'm on maternity leave. Appreciate your good wishes!


Wishing you a wonderful year with babe!
Love this blog - your contributions have ever been fun and informative and turned a passing interest into a passion. Thank you! Again all the best to you and the babe.

Best of luck to Sarah and the little one! I enjoy the blog and, in particular, your posts in it.
BTW, St Elizabeth, the mother of St John about which you have recently blogged, is credited with helping women in labour. May she help you and your baby!

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