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09 October 2014

The Latest, Greatest, Up-To-Datest Giant List of Digitised Manuscripts Hyperlinks

Behold, one and all, a freshly minted spreadsheet that contains a complete list of all the manuscripts uploaded to Digitised Manuscripts by us diligent digitisation devotees.  A quite simply staggering 1111 manuscripts are now online for your delectation. 

Here is the spreadsheet for you to download: Download BL Medieval and Earlier Digitised Manuscripts Master List 09.10.14 

Full-page illuminated miniature of St Luke the Evangelist, from a Gospel lectionary, E. Mediterranean (?Cappadocia) or S. Italy, 4th quarter of the 10th century, Arundel MS 547, f. 94v

The numerologically minded among you might feel more than a slight quiver at this auspicious alignment of four instances of the single digit.  Is it confirmation that the BL Medieval blog is the best, the ‘numero uno’ if you will?  Is it repeated four times over as both a joyful affirmation of that fact and in synchronicity with this, the fourth hyperlink blog post of the year?  And what year is it, readers, but 2014 – the last two digits in perfect harmony with our present total, and prophesying the repetition of ‘1’, ‘4’ times over!  Rejoice, O Readers, Rejoice!

Let’s not get carried away, dear friends, for we know that great portents such as these can bring glad tidings but also terrible omens.  The sceptics among you are probably thinking, ‘Well, what about the “20” at the beginning of “2014”?  He’s rather skipped over that!’  To you doubters, I say only this: if you divide the number 14 into 2 equal parts, you get 7 and 7.  Unite those numbers and you get 77.  Why is this significant?  From today, there are but 77 shopping days until Christmas.  I see it now: your mouths agape in horror like the number 0.  Weep and lament, O Readers, weep and lament! 


James Freeman


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