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17 January 2015

Guess the Manuscript XIX

In the past, Guess the Manuscript has been an occasional feature of the Medieval Manuscripts – but no longer! As of today, we’ve decided to make it a regular, mid-monthly treat...and here’s the first ever-so-tricky instalment: 

Guess the MS XIX

What do you mean you have no idea? Get searching! The answer can be found somewhere in our online databases: the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts or Digitised Manuscripts. We’re not saying which! 

Answers on a postcard – by which we mean, through the comments box below or via Twitter @BLMedieval (but if you want to send us a postcard, by all means do!).

The prize? Our lasting admiration and respect; isn't that enough?

Update, 04.02.15:

Alright, so maybe this one was a tad difficult.  Here's a big clue, in the form of an image of the binding of this manuscript:

Guess the MS XIX clue

Here are some tips to solving our trickier Guess the Manuscript posts:

- examine the images carefully: what language is it written in? what material is the text written on? are there any clues as to who owned the manuscript? what size is it?

- use keyword searches in our online databases to help you possible candidates: SoCAM, Database of Bookbindings, Digitised Manuscripts, Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts...

- once you've got a shortlist, you can begin to whittle it down very quickly (especially with an image of the binding!)...then you just have to find the right page...

Good luck!

- James Freeman


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