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14 July 2015

Caption Competition 2

The second of our caption competitions is from a manuscript newly published in the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts.   There are many possibilities for this image – use your imagination! Leave your suggested caption in the comments, or tweet us @BLMedieval. Results will be published here and on Twitter!

??? England, S. (Westminster or London); 4th quarter of the 13th century, Additional 18719, f. 92.




Jesus pointed to the perpetual motion machine.

"In this universe, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!" he protested.

The king, with a sigh, ignored him.

She went that a'way.

I don't care, I've got a head ache!

I think I know what's been giving you these headaches, Sire...

You forgot to close the hamster-cage, again

"Yes it DOES make a lot of noise but it's ever so useful! See, right there? At the bottom? It's a JUICER!"

"Sorry, but if you want a double-caff grande latte espresso, this is how it's done."

It's not tinnitus, it's the music of the spheres.

Get up sleepy head! It's way past terce...

It's a Teasmade - I bought it on Ebay. Now will you get up?

Courtier: I told your Majesty a watermill alarm clock wasn't a very good idea!

"Well THERE'S your problem!"

"This? This 'time-keeping' contraption is supposed to replace the sun?"

St Cat:- Tie me to that thing?! Pull the other one mate, it's got bells on.

Hells Bellls- all I asked you to do was polish the silver !!!

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