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16 September 2015

Caption Competition 3

Thank you to everyone who entered our last caption competition, the image of the medieval water clock from Additional MS 18719. There were some really great one-liners but our favourite caption (no prizes, unfortunately!) goes to M. Mitchell Marmel for the following:

"Sorry, but if you want a double-caff grande latte espresso, this is how it's done."

Our next image is from a Parisian book of hours (Egerton MS 2019), recently published on our Digitised Manuscripts website and featured in the blogpost Martyrdom in Action. We look forward to seeing your creative suggestions for this one. Please add a comment at the end of this post or submit your ideas via Twitter to @BLMedieval.


Detail of a roundel showing a man and a woman on a horse: France, Central (Paris), c. 1440 - c. 1450, Egerton MS 2019, f. 5r


Update (22 September)

Thank you to everyone for their brilliant suggestions. We have a 'winner' (remember, no prizes), but first, here are some of the entries via Twitter, and you can see submissions as comments to the blogpost below:

@Lezmondo "Quick, look away, it's that bird again!"

@classicalgeek "There's a rest stop a couple of miles ahead. I'm sure they have it."

@MythicalStig "And we can use the bird to tweet our adventures to all of our followers"

‏@ScroogeDLWP2015 "You know, dear, we probably could afford a second horse..?"

@GriffHistorical "Look, if you think you can drive better..."

@SlCathy "We'll never get the stream-lining sorted with you wearing that ridiculous head-gear!"

‏@LitteraCarolina  "Now, the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow..."

@TtamAlubic "ACTUALLY, it's about ethics in bear-baiting journalism"

‏@susanhillwriter  "What do you mean, you feel sick?"

@julianaeleanore  "Honey, I know you like to pamper him, but can your bird just fly a little bit of the way? My arm is killing me."

But our favourite, posted by Crayfish, is this:

"I told you that stupid twig's no good for travel sickness"


Is that a gun in your bustier, or are you just happy to see me?

If you're going to force me to carry this tree all day, the least you could do is let your bird perch in it!

John Lewis to launch exclusive My Little Pony line for Christmas 2015.

I asked before we left if you'd got the satnav!

Between Bird in Hand and Intercourse (following two very real villages in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania).

The early bird in the hand catches the one with the bush.

You're right - tarragon will go with roast peregrine

I told you that stupid twig's no good for travel sickness

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