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07 November 2015

Caption Competition 4

We know you've all been waiting for another caption competition! 

Today's contender comes from a manuscript made in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem at the end of the 13th century. It contains the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César, an incredibly popular universal chronicle discussed in this blog post. You can also explore this manuscript in full on our Digitised Manuscripts website.

Send your suggestions to @BLMedieval or add a comment at the end of this post.

The winner will be announced at the beginning of next week.* Good luck!


 Detail of a miniature of Polibus finding Oedipus hanging in a tree, from the Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César, Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (Acre), before 1291,  Add MS 15268, f. 75v


* There is no official prize, but as victor you will be the envy of your peers and inaugurated into the elite clan of caption competition winners.


Update 12 November 2016

Thank you for all of your entries. We are delighted to announce our 4th Caption Competition Winner! 

M. Mitchell Marmel: 'O dear! Verily, this shalt cost the establishment at least one Star of Michelin...'


We've listed below some of the captions we received via Twitter:

@laevisiloki: 'You've put your Christmas tree decorations up *already*?'

‏@Montalmano: '(Looking at man in tree) “See? That's what happens if Santa's in a bad mood. Now don't make him angry when you see him."'

 @luke_baugher: 'Geoff's first hunt didn't end so well...'

@SlCathy: 'Junior doctors' representatives report a very successful outcome to their meeting with Jeremy Hunt.'

@slewisimpson: '"Who's that?" "That's just Odin, he's studying for exams."'

‏@feastandphrase: 'Fresher student initiation: 13th century edition.'

@sheenaghpugh: 'The things you see when you haven't got your camera...'

@ShelbyLynnLFC: 'Happy Birthday Your Majesty. It's called a "piñata".'

@thepaleographer: 'We should play hangman more often.'




It's his way of signalling a left turn.

Man in rear in white shirt, sotto voce: "Desine! Numquam excutiet manus."

It's my head gardener's latest experiment - the smell keeps the birds from pecking the blossoms and in time it provides wonderful fertiliser for the roots.

No, no, it's only venison you are supposed to hang for six weeks

Odear! Verily, this shalt cost the establishment at least one Star of Michelin...

Oh never mind Oedipus, he always has been one to do things the other way round

See, people are growing on trees in this strange land.

Whoa, Nelly! If this is a Venusberg, I'll eat my crown. Hey dude with the major hang-ups, did a guy named Tannhäuser come this way? No offense, but I'm looking for his kind of curse.

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