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15 December 2015

Help Us Choose our 2016 Calendar

It has long been a tradition on our blog, hailing back to the distant days of 2011, to highlight pages from a medieval calendar throughout the year.  We have been privileged to bring you the Isabella Breviary, the Hours of Joanna of Castile (or if you prefer, the Hours of Joanna the Mad), the Golf Book, the Huth Hours, and most recently, the London Rothschild Hours

For 2016, we’d like to do something a little different – we’d like for you to help us decide which calendar to feature.  We have selected 4 potential manuscripts, all listed below.  Please let us know which one you’d like to see throughout 2016!  You can leave your favourite in the comments below, or tell us on Twitter @BLMedieval.  Without any further ado, here are the contenders:

Add MS 18850:  The Bedford Hours, France (Paris), c. 1410 – 1430 (this manuscript was also included in Turn the Pages)

Calendar page for January from the Bedford Hours, Add MS 18850, f. 1r

Add MS 36684:  The St Omer Hours, France (Saint-Omer or Therouanne), c. 1320 (for more on this fabulous manuscript, see our posts Apes Pulling Shapes and Something for Everyone)

Calendar page for February from the St Omer Hours, Add MS 36684, f. 2v

Egerton MS 1070: The Hours of René of Anjou, France (Paris), 15th century

Calendar page for March from The Hours of René of Anjou, Egerton MS 1070, f. 8r

Cotton MS Galba A XVII:  The Athelstan Psalter (or Galba Psalter), northeast France, 1st half of the 9th century (more on this one: King Athelstan’s Books and Athelstan Psalter Online)

Calendar page from the Athelstan Psalter, Cotton MS Galba A XVII, f. 3r

- Sarah J Biggs


Athelstan Psalter

The Bedford Hours. So Beautiful!

The Bedford hours are indeed beautiful, but textually the Athelstan Psalter is the most interesting.

St Omer Hours....great grotesques, especially if clarification as to why they are there! And is there anywhere a Dies Mal????

The Bedford Hours. It's lovely.

St Omer Hours as something for everyone!

My vote is for the St. Omer Hours

I'm torn between the Athelstan Psalter and the Bedford Hours, but I'm going to have to go for the Bedford Hours as I agree that it is so vibrant and beautiful.

The Bedford Hours. Stunning colours.

St Omer Hours are fascinating and beautiful. Also, from c. 1320...a great time in manuscript production. It must hold many secrets. Let's find out this year.

My choice is the Athelstan Psalter.

Athelstan Psalter. Age before beauty!

Athelstan Psalter. Beautiful and incredibly fascinating

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