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14 August 2016

Caption Competition 7

Oh, go on then. If you must. You know it never hurt anyone.

Here is today's caption competition. We'd love to hear your suggestions, tweeted to @BLMedieval or left as a comment below this post. Go on, be bold, be brave!

We'll retweet our favourites ... No prizes, except the warm glow of seeing your name on, er, Twitter. How good does it get?


You can see more of this manuscript, in full and for free, on the British Library's Digitised Manuscripts site (Harley MS 3244).



That's a great letter Q, let me catch it on my iPad and I'll work it up ino an illuminated initial later

"No look, it says here you've got it ass-backwards"

"Oh come on! do you really want to be the only serpent-hound who cannot read?"

"Sign my yearbook" - man

"Umm, no thank you." - shy dragon

Go on, try. There are no phonics there at all.

Man: "Good morning! I wonder if I might blatantly disregard your privacy for a few minutes in order to further my own personal goals?"

Dragon: "Note to self: Spray for Jehovah's Witnesses."

Sorry e-reader is so much lighter when I'm in flight mode.

Go on. You know you can.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.....

No. It clearly says you can balance on your head. No cheating.

"Look, I told you - Galen says never to put anything but your little finger in your ear, not even a Q-tip and certainly not your tail ...'

He was finding the 'tale' a bit hard to hear.

I'm sorry you're but the bad indigestion and fire-breath is your own fault...... it says right here on the menu..our hot sauce is VERY hot!,

"It's new technology."

The end of the 'tail' was hard to hear.

I know we had this story yesterday but I enjoy it

It says here it is "the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear", not the Griffon.

It says right here, "Never put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear! Oh, wait--you don't have an elbow.

As soon as it comes out the other side, I'll take the picture!

Just do the homework now and we can all enjoy the rest of the holidays...

Professor won't believe u have eaten my homework pages again!

Can I interest you in buying Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia Britannica?

....but its my favourite story....St George and the Dragon!

Its no good not listening.... Dragons don't exist, it's. Clearly written here!

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