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11 September 2016

Caption Competition 8

It's time, once again, for our caption competition. This week we've chosen a gorgeous image from Royal MS 14 E V, a manuscript containing Giovanni Boccaccio's fourteenth-century De casibus virorum illustrium (On the Fates of Famous Men) in a French translation by Laurent de Premierfait, entitled 'Des cas des ruynes des nobles hommes et femmes'. This influential work was adapted and translated into Middle English in the fifteenth century by the Benedictine monk and poet, John Lydgate, as the Fall of Princes. You can see many magical manuscripts like this one on our Digitised Manuscripts site. 

Send us your suggestions to @blmedieval. Happy Captioning! 

Caption comp

Fortune appearing to Boccaccio sitting at a desk, from the start of Book 6, 'Des cas des ruynes des nobles hommes et femmes', Bruges, c. 1479-c. 1480, Royal MS 14 E V, f. 291r




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A Hindu goddess tries to vacation incognito in medieval Europe, with mixed results.

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