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27 November 2016

The Caption Competition Returns

We'd love to say that our caption competition returns by popular demand, but that isn't strictly true. The only people who have probably missed it are our lawyers.

Nevertheless, we've decided to don our hard hats and to return to the fray. So what's going on here? You can send your suggestions via the comments button below or tweet us @BLMedieval. The usual terms and conditions apply (in other words, there are none). Oh yes, and if you want to see more of the original manuscript, and it is truly special, you can view it online here: Arundel MS 66.

Remember: no manuscripts were harmed during the making of this competition.

Caption competition

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The Lampton worm discovers its wicked Lord.

Found you at last "Medieval pikachu"

Don't tread on me bird

Just because it's Christmas, I don't see why we have to give Kenny a lift

Thanks so much for the gift of this wonderful fur collared sweater, but you do know serpents don't have arms, right?

Don't look now, but the worm is about to turn !

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